History Branch

The History Branch and Archives of the Cleveland Bradley County Library is located at 833 N. Ocoee Street in one of Cleveland’s best-loved landmarks. The Craigmiles House, built in 1866, was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 1975. It has served as a library since 1922. The library’s collection is focused on genealogy and local history. A wealth of information about Bradley County is available, including vital records, family, city and county histories, and court records dating to the county’s earliest years. Local newspapers (1854-1970) are available on microfilm. Civil War sources including military records of Union and Confederate soldiers from Bradley and surrounding counties, barred and disallowed claims filed with the Southern Claims Commission, and Confederate soldier’s and widow’s pension applications. Special collections include photographs, scrapbooks, and manuscripts. Of special interest are the Mayfield Papers (legal correspondence, 1895-1929), the James F. Corn Papers (Cherokee Indians), and the William R. Snell Papers (interpretive study of Red Clay State Park).

History Branch Policies

Due to the nature of its collection, the History Branch and Archives has some policies and rules designed for the protection of the collection, to assure its continued availability to future generations of users. NOTICE: It is a violation of Tennessee law to remove library materials with the intent to deprive the library of possession of that material. Violators will be prosecuted. Tennessee Code Annotated 39-3-1135.
  • Eating, drinking, and use of tobacco products are not allowed in the building.
  • Cell phones should be turned off or turned to vibrate. In the event a call must be taken, please leave the Research or Microfilm Room.
  • Please register once each day.
  • Staff is available to offer general introductory assistance to materials.
  • Use of personal computers in the Research Room is permitted with the understanding that the Cleveland Bradley County Public Library System is not responsible for any damage done to a personal computer plugged into a library power source during a power failure or for any other reason.
  • Do not reshelve books, microfilm, or other library materials.
  • Do not write or mark on any library books or other materials. If you find an error and can document a correction, please take the item to a staff member.
  • Please use pencils only. Pens leave permanent marks on books.
  • Patrons may select their own microfilm. If assistance with a reader is needed, ask a staff member for help. Please turn off the reader when not in use.
  • Rare, fragile, and/or irreplaceable materials may not be photocopied. We reserve the right to refuse to copy materials which the staff determines may be damaged by photocopying. Hand-held photocopiers and desktop photocopiers are not permitted. The researcher is responsible for abiding by copyright restrictions on any material copied.